Career & Placement

CCSD assists the UBians to have a realistic understanding of themselves so that they can make informed career decisions.

This service also provides up-to-date & relevant career-related information to UBians, enhancing their appreciation for career planning, career decision-making and the work environment.

Need assistance in career and placement?

Coordinate with us, and allow us to help, by sending as an email through our office email address:

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Coaching and Training

The athletics office may offer coaching and training services for students interested in improving their athletic skills. They are in charge of developing UB’s student athletes through coaching and training regiments.

Sports Programs

The athletics office may organize and manage sports programs for students, such as intramural sports, club sports, and varsity sports.

Athletic Facilities

The athletics office may provide access to athletic facilities such as the gym, workout gym, open court, and the pool.

Partnership Development

Connecting researchers with industry, government, and non-profit partners to develop research collaborations and funding opportunities.