Campus Planning & Development Office

We at the Campus Planning and Development Office supervise the improvement and maintenance of the University of Baguio’s physical plants and facilities. We ensure that the campus remains up-to-date, secured and ready to continue providing a fun and efficient learning environment.

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CPDO Specific Services

The CPDO is in charge of ensuring that the school’s facilities, materials, safety, and planning are all up do date, maintained, and up to standard. Here are other services provided by the CPDO.

Printing work orders

The printing center is responsible in reproducing materials like examination papers, communication letters, modules and review materials requested by end-users.

Reservation of venues

For the reservation of the different venues available in the University of Baguio for different events, programs, or activities.

Laundry work orders

For general laundry services that different offices and schools of the university need.

Our Mission

The University of Baguio educates individuals to be empowered professionals in the global community. In support of this mission, the Campus Planning & Development Office (CPDO) is steadfast in providing advanced, state-of-the-art and secured campus.

Our Objectives

In support of the university’s mission-vision and objectives, the Campus Planning and Development Office aims to:

  1. to integrate all aspects involved in controlling assets and their cost:
  2. to efficiently distribute acquired items with speed and accuracy;
  3. to ensure that all items for sale are properly released to clients with satisfaction;
  4. to reproduce printing materials on time with accuracy and confidentiality;
  5. to ensure the efficient implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance and upgrading of the university facilities;
  6. to prioritize infrastructure program and physical needs of various units;
  7. to implement major and various repair projects;
  8. to provide infrastructure plans for future growth and expansion of the campus; and
  9. to provide a clean and healthy fun- learning environment.