Admission & Records Center

We at the Admission and Records Center (ARC) act as record keepers and central repository of student records. We are in charge of the management of the academic records of students. We also provide any academic records and certifications that our students and alumni request.

In line with our instructional mission, we aim to always deliver quality support services. We are an office that values confidentiality, honestly, and integrity; your records are safe with us.

Our Mission

The Admission & Records Center (ARC), as the record keeper and the show-window of the University of Baguio, is the central repository of student records that allows the efficient and timely access to and release of accurate documents.

Our Objectives

In support of the university’s mission-vision and objectives the Admissions and Records Center aims to:

  1. exhibit the highest standards of managerial effectiveness, administrative efficiency and professional behavior in rendering services to the client;
  2. establish and maintain an up-to-date and accurate system of recording and retrieving data and information of students, from admission to graduation;
  3. assess and evaluate systematically the students’ scholastic records; and
  4. practice prudently a student-oriented human relations policy.