Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

We at the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, currently headed by Dr. Janice Kaylyn Lonogan, are tasked with overseeing and upholding the standards of the university’s quality educational programs that people come to expect from it. We create the guidelines and policies of the educational programs and coordinate with the deans to see the needs of the faculty, staff, and students and come up with solutions on meeting them.

Student Staff Faculty School Services

Research and Development Center

The university’s Research and Development Center takes the lead in guiding all UBianos in research. This office also collaborates with different organizations to help UB’s

Quality Assurance Office

UB’s QAO or Quality Assurance Office ensures that the educational programs and overall systems remain above the standards that need to be met. Click here

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) supports UBiano students in developing their skills and talents outside the classroom. OSA also guides the student through the

Linkages – MAP Office

The Linkages and MAP (Marketing and Promotions) office connects the university to everybody. Whether through partnerships, collaborations, or through its various marketing campaigns, this office


The University of Baguio provides all UBianos with a large resource pool of information through its library. Click here to know more about our Libraries.

Our Mission

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (OVPAA) serves as the chief academic officer of the schools responsible for educational policy and academic programs, and the encouragement and improvement of teaching and learning.

Our Objectives

In support of the university’s mission-vision and objectives, the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs aims to:

  1. serve as a leader in long-term planning of educational programs;
  2. assure the quality of instruction;
  3. select and develop distinguished faculty;
  4. assess and meet the educational and vocational needs of students in a diverse community college environment;
  5. focus on commitment to teaching, learning and academic excellence to promote student success.