Finance Office

We at the Finance office are responsible for the efficient management of financial resources of the university. Our office deals with the collection, allocation, approval, review, release, and reporting of the flow of UB’s finances.

Our Mission

The Finance Department, in consonance with the University’s mission, provides the students and the institution with proper fund management, effective acquisition of property, and accurate maintenance of student financial records.

Our Objectives

In support of the university’s mission-vision and objectives, the finance department aims to:

  1. employ the principle of altruism in meetings the needs of stakeholders;
  2. provide absolute service keeping in mind the motto, “Service with a Smile;”
  3. work harmoniously as a team toward a common goal in satisfying the clientele;
  4. continually seek for improvement and innovate solutions that address customer’s needs;
  5. practice a professional sense of responsibility and accountability in all undertakings; and
  6. ensure judicious and conscientious use of resources

Services Offered


Web Opac

A database with access to available books in the library and links to subscribed and open research databases.

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