Finance Department

We at the Finance Department are responsible for the efficient management of financial resources of the university. Our office deals with the collection, allocation, approval, review, release, and reporting of the flow of UB’s finances.

Student Staff Faculty School Services

Procurement Office

This office handles equipment, supplies, and services requests from the different offices of the university.

Accountant’s Office

This office plays a crucial role in preparing financial statements and analyzing financial data.


This office monitors, controls, and reports on all cash outflows the university approves.


Located at the first floor of the UB F building, the payroll department ensures that UB employees get their fair pay on time all the time.

Payment Collection

Students, faculty, and staff can make all necessary payments relating to the university at the UB cashier.

Our Mission

The UB Finance Department commits to support the university’s operations by providing timely and
accurate financial reporting of all expenditures and revenue collections. The Finance Department,
being an integral component in University of Baguio’s overall operations, ensures excellence in its
functions to achieve the university’s objectives.

Our Objectives

The Finance Department principally assists the university’s various departments and its stakeholders
in planning, organizing, directing and evaluating the university’s financial activities in conformance
with the university policies and procedures and in compliance to other agencies and government
regulatory bodies.
More specifically, the UB Finance Department aims to:

  • provide proper fund management;
  • provide effective acquisition of property;
  • accurately maintain student financial records;
  • maintain effective payroll management services;
  • observe financial risk management;
  • maintain vigilant monitoring and control over the university’s financial resources, and
  • continually seek for improvement and innovative solutions to address customer’s needs.