Risk Management Office

We at the Risk Management Office are dedicated to fortifying the University of Baguio community’s resilience. Our mission involves proactive risk identification and management for a safe, secure, and vibrant learning environment. Key objectives include policy development, enforcement, and strategic partnerships to enhance risk planning. Through continuous studies, we ensure the perpetuation of a robust risk management culture within the university.

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Our Mission

The Risk Management Office contributes to strengthening the resiliency of the university of Baguio Community through risk identification and management in order to maintain a safe, secure, and fun-learning environment.

Our Objectives

In support of the university’s mission-vision and objectives, the risk management office aims to:

  1. Ensures the development, adoption, review and update of Policies and Procedures on risk management in the institutional level;
  2. Implements, monitors and enforces compliance of offices and schools to the Policies and Procedures on risk management;
  3. Establish partnership with appropriate government and non-government agencies to uplift the capacity and technical know-how of the university in the areas of risk planning, assessment, and management; and
  4. Regularly conduct studies/research to ensure continuous development and enrichment of the risk management culture in the university.