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Medical Dental Clinic

We at the Medical – Dental Clinic (MDC) help safeguard the health and safety of the university’s faculty, staff, and students. We provide assistance in the assessment, protection, and improvement of health.

Our Mission

The University of Baguio educates individuals to be empowered professionals in a global community. In support of this mission, the Medical – Dental Clinic provides assistance to the University community in the assessment, protection, and improvement of health.

Our Objectives

In support of the university’s mission-vision and objectives, the Medical – Dental Clinic aims to:

  1. promote health consciousness within the University community through health education;
  2. provide preventive and remedial measures for simple and common ailments;
  3. advocate awareness to stake holders on the importance of health and safety;
  4. utilize related research outputs for the enhancement of services:
  5. initiate programs that promote community well-being; and
  6. respond to the emergency conditions like injuries or rapid onset of illness.

Services Offered


Student Readmissions

The OSA staff decides whether the cited reasons for absences may be excused and talks to the student in order to address issues that affect class attendance.

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Student Discipline

Student discipline and formation comprises the concerted efforts of the University to bring forth the right order of things. This includes disciplinary provisions that instill responsible behavior and respect towards the members of the University community.

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Student Activities

The University of Baguio understands that a student’s skills and talents aren’t only sharpened in the classroom. Hence, with its OSA it regularly conducts different student activities aimed to help hone their skills and talents and also take a break from the usual academic routine they go through.

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Student Housing Services

The University of Baguio has partnered with many dormitories around Baguio in order to properly provide its students with comfortable accommodations at fair prices.

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School Relations

The School Relations Office is the main instrument for the creation of dynamic and mutually-beneficial relationships with its target senior high schools leading to the increase in enrolment in the University through a comprehensive plan for marketing and promotions.

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