PT Clinic – Pain Management

The Physical Therapy Clinic assists its patients through physical rehabilitation and pain management.

The University of Baguio has an on-site PT Clinic where UB students and employees can avail their pain management services should they need it.

Treatment available for the following:

  1. neck, upper back, mid back and lower back
  2. strains, sprains
  3. arthritis
  4. scoliosis
  5. sciatica
  6. carpal tunnel syndrome

Need our help?

You can visit UB’s Physical Therapy Clinic beside the UB gym just after the Property office.

Got a question?

You can follow our Facebook page or contact us through the following:

  • 442-4915 local 267
  • Smart: 09616928407
  • Smart TNT: 09307825123
  • Globe: 09272652923/ 09272653047

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