Accountant’s Office

This office plays a crucial role in preparing financial statements and analyzing financial data.

The Accountant’s Office serves as the financial backbone of an organization, ensuring that all financial transactions are recorded accurately and in compliance with relevant regulations.


University of Baguio Accountant’s Office strives to be service-oriented relative to the financial needs of all offices and departments in the university. The Accountant’s Office assures that all transactions adhere to university policies and procedures, observes International Accounting Standards and rules established by authoritative governing bodies, and maintains the University’s financial integrity.


UB Accountant’s Office aims to:

  1. provide an accounting system created to collect, record, classify, summarize and interpret accurate, reliable and insightful financial information for decision making by management;
  2. achieve sound financial management by sending out accurate assessment of fees, maximize collections, settlement of financial obligations on time, good internal control on collections and expenditures, cash flow management and safeguarding of company assets;
  3. continuously improve transaction processes to achieve operational excellence;
  4. seek and embrace innovations into corporate business by providing an environment that stimulates creative thinking and builds highly skilled and innovative individuals; and
  5. develop policies and procedures to guide capital asset management practices that are supported by both finance and operation.

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