Medical Clinic

Keeping UBians healthy and ready to keep learning

For general health assessments and diagnosis, the University of Baguio has a fully functioning medical clinic ready to take in its students and employees and help them should they need it.

Services available include:

Free Consultation

patients are assessed and given the help they need for free. This free consultation also includes free medication for two days if needed and available. prescriptions are also given if necessary or requested.

Referral System

If the clinic lacks the resources or is not currently available, the patient is referred to different health sectors.

Facilitation of Accident Insurance

The clinic assists employees and students in applying for assistance with UB’s affiliated insurance companies in case of accidents.

Note: terms and conditions apply

Health Certificate for OJTs, Practicum, Internship, Local-off campus activities

Before being released for OJTs, internships, and the like, UB students go through a thorough medical and physical exam to ensure that they are ready to go. The Clinic oversees these exams and is in charge of issuing health certificates for those deemed fit and ready.


Students and employees can avail vaccines at the university clinic for a fee. Vaccination fees vary depending on the vaccine type.

Available Vaccines:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Flu Vaccine
  • Pneumonia Vaccine,
  • Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine

Annual Medical and Physical Examination

The University Clinic oversees the annual free medical and physical examination for UB employees.

Breastfeeding Area

Employees and students have access to private areas where they can breastfeed their children without being disturbed.

Need our help?

You can visit UB’s Clinical at the first floor of the F building, just across the Laboratory Clinic. We are located just after the Office of Student Affairs.

Got a question?

You can follow our Facebook page or contact us through the following:

  • 442-4915 local 267
  • Smart: 09616928407
  • Smart TNT: 09307825123
  • Globe: 09272652923/ 09272653047

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