Incoming Grade 11 – 12 (From other schools) High School

Admission Requirements

**Original and photocopy of the documents should be placed in a long folder with complete label

Grade 11

  1. Certificate of Junior High School Completion
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character (Category A or B)
  3. PSA Birth Certificate
  4. Form 138 with Learner Reference Number
  5. ESC/QVR Certificate if applicable
  6. NCAE Result (STEM (85%), Arts & Design (51%), and Sports Tracks (51%):  DepEd Order 55 s. 2016 (If applicable)


  1. School ID
  2. Form 138 with Learner Reference Number
  3. Duly signed Petition for Re-admission 


  1. Certificate of Good Moral Character (Category A or B)
  2. PSA Birth Certificate
    • Form 138 with Learner Reference Number

Registration Form and Reserving Slots

Click here for the UB SHS Reservation Form for AY 2023-2024

Click here for the UB SHS Registration Form Academic Year 2023-2024

Enrollment Procedures

  1. Register to
  2. Click “Apply as a New Student”, completes all the needed information and submits the registration
  3. Prepare a scanned copy of the initial document for admission.
  4. Pay the reservation/registration fee of Php 1000.00 to any of the UB accredited banks and prepare a scanned copy of the acknowledgement receipt.
    • The reservation fee is non-refundable but creditable to the school fees once the student is enrolled.
  5. Write your name on the acknowledgement receipt and prepare a scanned copy.
  6. Click the link  and upload the scanned certificate of enrollment and receipt of reservation/registration fee.
  7. Once the uploaded documents are verified and accepted, your reservation is approved.
  8. Receive an email requiring you to accomplish the online enrollment google form or link and attach the scanned copies of the enrollment requirements.
  9. For Transferees: Grades shall be evaluated prior to approval.
  10. For Learners from Philippine Schools Abroad and Foreign Schools Abroad: Submit admission documents to the Admissions and Records Center for evaluation and validation.
  11. The student / parent / legal guardian (in the case of the Grade 7 – Grade 10 learner) sends the original copy of the documents to:
Rm. A711 University of Baguio High School
Gen. Luna Road, Baguio City 2600


Submit the Enrollment Requirements to the UB High School Principal’s Office. (Only folders with Complete Documents shall be accepted)
  1. Upon approval of the documents, encode the grade, section and subjects under the preferred strand.
  2. Receive an email informing you about the ID number, procedure of accessing the UB portal and activating the UB email address.
  3. Pay the required down payment and PTA fee in any of the accredited banks or at the UB Cashier. (Separate transaction receipts for Down payment and PTA fee) Php200.00/family (SHS).
  4. Upload the scanned copy of the proof of payment through the online payment verification form.
  5. View his/her schedule on the Student Portal.

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Incoming Students

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Current Students

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