UB renews MOA with JCI Sunflower Baguio

The University of Baguio has renewed its partnership with JCI Sunflower Baguio for the third year in a row. This partnership has been instrumental in empowering women, promoting mentorship, and advancing the goal of achieving gender equality through the #SDG5 movement.

The Gender and Development Committee at the University of Baguio, led by Ms. Helen Alalag, Dean of SON, has been instrumental in making this partnership a success. By working closely with JCI Sunflower Baguio, the committee has been able to create a supportive environment for women to grow, develop, and succeed in their chosen fields.

Present for the MOA signing were Dr. Janice Kaylyn K. Lonogan, UB VPAA, Ms. Dheiryl M. Tombali, Local Organization President for JCI Sunflower Baguio, Ms. Helen D. Alalag, Deanof UB’s School of Nursing and Chairperson for UB’s Gender Equality committee, Ms. Jobelle Batanes, Local Skills Development Director for JCI Sunflower Baguio, Ms. Melanie Rulla-Saro, Director for UB’s Linkages, and Ms. Faith Forag, Director for Membership for JCI Sunflower Baguio.

The partnership between the University of Baguio and JCI Sunflower Baguio has provided a platform for women to share their experiences, learn from one another, and support each other in achieving their goals. Through various initiatives such as workshops, training sessions, and networking events, the partnership has enabled women to connect with mentors, gain valuable skills and knowledge, and pursue their passions with confidence.

The renewal of the partnership between the University of Baguio and JCI Sunflower Baguio is a testament to the commitment of both organizations towards promoting gender equality and empowering women. This partnership has already made a significant impact in the lives of many women, and it is exciting to see what new initiatives and programs will emerge from this collaboration in the years to come.

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