Yearbook Application and Claiming

The Marketing and Promotions office (MAP) helps graduating UBians apply for a yearbook subscription and distributes it once it is ready.

Yearbook Application

  1. A yearbook subscription google form will be forwarded by your school secretary to your student email address. (IDnumber@s.ubaguio,edu)
  2. If you want to subscribe for it, fill in the google form and submit it after.
  3. A confirmation message will be shown stating that you have successfully submitted your yearbook subscription.
  4. Proceed to the University cashier to pay your subscription fee.

Question: Is the yearbook required?

Answer: No, subscribing to the yearbook is not a requirement for graduates.

Question: Is the yearbook subscription fee the same as the graduation fee?

Answer: NO, they are separated. The graduation fee is a requirement while the yearbook subscription fee is only paid by those who opted to subscribe.

Question: How much is the subscription fee?

Answer: The subscription fee will be told to you by your school secretary.

Question: How long does the yearbook take to make?

Answer: It takes about 8-12 months for a yearbook to be made from gathering information, layout, checking, printing, and packing.

Claiming Your Yearbook

  1. Wait for an email from UB or check for announcements on our Facebook page for when your yearbooks are ready.
  2. Proceed to the MAP office (located at the second floor of F building, just after the stairway)
  3. Present your official receipt for the yearbook subscription fee
  4. Claim your yearbook.

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