September 1, 2023

University Of Baguio Supports Project H.E.R.I.T.A.G.E. 

UBians take on teaching and preserving the Cordilleran culture with its commitment support project HERITAGE
Article by: Ms. Beverly B. Laltoog, STELA
Building upon its commitment to the C-O-R-D-I-L-L-E-R-A Agenda, the University of Baguio has taken a significant step by becoming the first Private Higher Education Institution (PHI) to offer Cordillera Heritage 101: History and Socio-cultural Heritage as a regional course.
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In line with this initiative, the University of Baguio, through the School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts, partnered with the Commission on Higher Education, RDC-CAR,and NCIP-CAR to host the two-day Faculty immersion and training event, ‘ABOYAN nan CORDILLERA HERITAGE 101.’ The event took place at the University of Baguio Gymnasium on August 29-30, 2023. 

The primary objective of the event was to foster collaboration among faculty members from various Higher Educational Institutions in CAR, and to equip them with practical strategies for effectively implementing Cordillera HERITAGE 101: History and Socio-Cultural Heritage as a regional course.  

The participants engaged in workshops, seminars, and cultural showcases, thereby deepening their understanding of Cordillera heritage.  By bringing together educators from different institutions in the Cordillera Region, the event sought to promote a sense of unity and shared purpose in preserving and promoting Cordillera heritage among the academic community. 

This episode of the Faculty Immersion and Training Series (FITS) was grounded in the Northern Kankana-ey concept of aboy, which means to sanctify, confer, approve, consecrate, endow, or simply bless. 

The University of Baguio expresses its gratitude to all of our partners, participants, speakers, and organizers for their contributions in nurturing a generation of students who value the Cordillera heritage.

 Wasdin gumagawis. Wasdin sumya. Wasdin menlamlamnin!!! 

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