March 2, 2023

University of Baguio Celebrates Diversity with International Students’ Week

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The University of Baguio has once again proved its commitment to internationalization through the successful celebration of PROJECT D.I.G – International Students’ Week from March 1-3. The event, organized by the Office of Student Affairs, aimed to showcase the diversity of cultures among the international students and promote cultural exchange and understanding.

The first day of the event started with a program to officially open the celebration, where Dr. Jimmy Catanes, education supervisor II for CHED-CAR, was invited as a speaker. Dr. Catanes emphasized the importance of internationalization in education and how it can bridge the gap between cultures. He also praised the University of Baguio for its embrace of internationalization and its efforts to integrate it into the curriculum.

The opening remarks were given by UB’s president, Engr. Javier D. Bautista, who expressed his gratitude towards the international students for choosing UB as their academic institution. The closing remarks were given by Dr. Janice Kaylyn K. Lonogan, who emphasized the significance of the event in promoting cultural understanding and global citizenship.

The program also featured performances from the UB Performing Arts, specifically the Voices, Quartet, and UBBUK. The performances showcased the talents of the students and added a festive atmosphere to the event.

The UBBUK featured some traditional Igorot dances and even invited some members of the audience to join in.

Moreover, a fashion show was held, where the Filipino and international students showcased their traditional wear and personal aesthetics. The fashion show allowed the audience to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each culture.

The afternoon was filled with activities and performances that gave a taste of each culture. International students introduced their culture through calligraphy and sugar painting, providing an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the different cultures represented in the event.

Additionally, performances such as traditional dances and music showcased the richness of each culture and gave a glimpse into the students’ lives and experiences.

Overall, PROJECT D.I.G – International Students’ Week proved to be a successful celebration of cultural diversity and exchange. It highlighted the importance of internationalization in education and promoted global citizenship among the students. The event has not only allowed the international students to showcase their cultures, but it has also provided an opportunity for everyone to learn, appreciate, and embrace diversity.

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