February 15, 2024

UB Highlights: Valentine’s Day

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It’s the season of hearts, and the University of Baguio student body jovially joins in on the festivities with flowers, chocolates, and heart-shaped balloons. There was no shortage of fun and interactive activities for UBians during this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations.

From freedom walls to confession boards, students took up their pens and markers to convey their feelings to their loved ones – and to hope for the best during this exam season, as some students opted to do. Whether it was well wishes for friends and family or anonymous confessions for lovers and partners, there was space for everyone who had a message they wanted to convey.

Apart from that, there were also booths selling gifts for the students who wanted to get something for their loved ones. From flowers to chocolates and cups of coffee prepared with care and love, the students had a wide range of choices when it came to gift-giving. There were even booths offering gift delivery, making it easy for students to deliver their gifts even amidst a busy schedule of studying for exams.

Whether they were celebrating with friends or in the company of a significant other, there was a little something for everyone this Valentine’s Day. 

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