February 12, 2024

UB Highlights: Remembering Nanay Rosa

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UB Centennial Hall – As the seasons turn and a new year begins, the University of Baguio proudly recalled its roots as it commemorated the 37th Death Anniversary of one of its founders, Nanay Rosa Bautista. 

The program was led by a eucharistic mass, with friends and family members, as well as students and employees, honoring Nanay Rosa’s legacy in helping to build the university into the premiere higher education institution that it is in the present day. Come catch a glimpse of the commemoration held last February 6, 2024.

The event culminated with a visit to the university Founder’s Garden, where the family members offered up flowers and prayers alongside blessings invoked by the priest who led the eucharistic mass. Afterward, the guests filed back into the Centennial Hall to have a pleasant brunch.

The University of Baguio is always proud to revisit its past. Remembering the rich background that predates the resplendent present is a process that allows for introspection and reflection, recognizing the aspects of the journey that have led to success and jubilation.

As the university continues its journey towards a bright future, it continues to uphold the values and dreams of its late founders and their pursuit of perfection and academic excellence.

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