February 26, 2024

UB Explores Industry Partnerships in Europe

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As an institution committed to providing the best learning opportunities for its students, the University of Baguio- School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management has embarked on a journey to meet with industry partners in France and Spain to solidify collaborations aimed at future cultural immersion. 

In collaboration with Ediphi, a company that facilitates cultural exchange programs, international training, and virtual reality technology training, UB Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Janice Kaylyn K. Lonogan, Linkages Director Melanie Rulla-Saro, and SIHTM Dean Jenelyn M. Magpatoc together with the officials of EDIPHI Philippines traveled to Spain and Southeastern France to explore numerous four to five-star hotels & resorts and Michelin Star restaurants that hope to one day host and train university students. 

From well-known holiday towns to prestigious restaurants, hotels, and resorts, the institution went to great lengths to ensure that its students had access to the best learning experiences available anywhere in the globe.

The journey to Europe is part of the university’s Broadening Reach Through International Development and Global Experience (BRIDGE) strategy. Supporting student mobility through foreign collaborations enables students to receive a varied spectrum of training, making them globally competitive and compliant with international standards. Such collaborations seek to assist first- to fourth-year students in their academic journeys to become highly qualified and proficient professionals.

Cross-border academic mobility is one of the key aspects of internationalization that the institution rigorously prepares for. The visit to partner industries in Europe has been planned for a year. The institution seeks out chances not only in Europe, but also in Asia and the United States, increasing the learning opportunities available to all students each year.

As the university continues to provide quality education to the community, it will maintain relationships with industry partners to pave the way forward with rich and diverse resources that will assist UBians in developing into promising young professionals in their field of practice.

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