Research Publication and Dissemination

Helping researchers share their research findings with a wider audience

The RDC can provide support for researchers to disseminate their research through various channels, such as publications, presentations, posters, and social media. The RDC can also help researchers identify appropriate dissemination outlets, such as scientific journals, conferences, and online platforms. Effective research dissemination can lead to greater visibility and impact of research findings, as well as facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange within the research community. By providing research dissemination services, the RDC can help researchers maximize the reach and impact of their research outcomes.

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Privacy and Data Protection

Under R.A.10173 or Data Privacy Act of 2012, the Risk Management Office implement the guidelines and regulations under this law.

Capacity Building for the UB Community

The Risk Management Office offers a range of training programs and workshops on topics such as emergency response, fire safety, workplace safety, first aid training, basic life support, and crisis management.

Risk Management

Risk management service is a comprehensive solution designed to help UB community identify and mitigate potential risks that could negatively impact the operations and objectives of the university.

Coaching and Training

The athletics office may offer coaching and training services for students interested in improving their athletic skills. They are in charge of developing UB’s student athletes through coaching and training regiments.

Sports Programs

The athletics office may organize and manage sports programs for students, such as intramural sports, club sports, and varsity sports.

Athletic Facilities

The athletics office may provide access to athletic facilities such as the gym, workout gym, open court, and the pool.