March 1, 2024

Kapihan sa UB Library Series 5: Exploring Research and Publications

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The library is an important resource for the students of the University of Baguio. It is a place where they can access a wide array of references and a space where they can study without being disturbed. As such, the library staff are always looking for ways to keep on top of emerging trends to ensure that the materials and services are up-to-date and consistently meet the demands and needs of the present. 

In the interest of maintaining the quality of the resources offered by the library, they have organized the Kaphian sa UB Library series. A press conference-style event that explores a diverse range of topics geared toward the growth and development of the library and its staff, the Kapihan series aims to broaden the horizons of not only the librarians but also those who make use of the library’s services. This semester’s series, Kapihan sa UB Library Series 5, mainly focused on research and publications, delving into conceptualizing research topics, programs that can aid one’s research, and the process of publication. 

The event was led by Ms. Lea Colbongan Papay, Librarian IV and Research Faculty Member, exploring how one can craft a compelling research work based on the institutional research agenda of the university. She discussed the publicly available tools that one could use when formulating a research project, discussing literature search engines such as, writing resources such as Grammarly, and sites that can help in formulating citations such as Mendeley.

As the university continues to offer library services to its students, the staff continues to explore ways to broaden their knowledge to be able to help the students advance their education and learning. Look out for more from the Kapihan Series of the library in the future!

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