Compensation and Benefits Administration

Compensation and benefits administration is an important service provided by the Human Resource Management Center (HRMC). This service is designed to help organizations attract, retain, and motivate employees by providing competitive compensation and benefits packages.

Compensation refers to the salary, wages, bonuses, and other financial rewards provided to employees in exchange for their work. The HRMC can help organizations develop and implement compensation strategies that align with their business objectives, market conditions, and regulatory requirements. This may include conducting market surveys, developing pay scales, and administering compensation programs.

The HRMC can help organizations design and administer benefits programs that meet the needs of employees while remaining competitive and cost-effective.

The HRMC also provides support for compliance activities related to compensation and benefits, such as ensuring compliance with wage and hour laws, managing employee benefits enrollment and changes, and administering leave policies.

By leveraging these services, the University of Baguio can ensure that their compensation and benefits packages are competitive, compliant, and aligned with their business objectives. This can help attract and retain top talent, enhance employee satisfaction and engagement, and ultimately, drive business results.

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