BACCI partners with University of Baguio for a “Triple Threat” Creative Milestone

University of Baguio partners with the Baguio Arts and Crafts Collective Inc to promote art and creativity.

Baguio City – While the rainy season is fast coming, so are the creative events in the city of pines.

The Baguio Arts and Crafts Collective, Incorporated (BACCI) and University of Baguio (UB) recently opened the 5th edition of Mandeko Kito (Let’s Sell): Artisan Fair.

Alongside the Mandeko Kito Fair, is the launch of BACCI’s latest offerings, Art Weave… A Tapestry of Life and the Arts and Binhi: A Contemporary Visual Art Power Showcase.

“We have always been true to our commitment in elevating the spirits and welfare of our creative community and region as a whole, hence the staging of these three creative events,”

Dr. Raymundo Rovillos, BACCI – President

On the other hand, it is the first time for the University of Baguio to host the said event and to open its doors for such activities since the Covid-19 pandemic came.

Divina Bautista, BACCI – Board of Trustee and member of the Bautista Family, said:

“We have been more than excited to welcome the Mandeko Kito event as a venue host cementing our role not only as an academic institution but also as a major gatekeeper for the preservation and promotion of culture and heritage through the arts.”     

While it is evident that the series of Mandeko Kito events are held on academic institutions, the newly forged partnership between BACCI and University of Baguio is expected to create a stronger partnership between the two industries expanding the network of academe that actively works towards the flourishment of the creative industry and its role in heritage and cultural conservancy.

The “Triple Threat” activities is set to run from June 14 to July 3, 2022 at the University of Baguio – Centennial Hall from 10 o’clock in the morning until 6 o’clock in the evening.

Mandeko Kito (Let’s Sell) Artisan Fair

Mandeko Kito (Let’s Sell): Artisan Market is a project conceptualized by the Baguio Arts and Crafts Collective, Incorporated and then UP Baguio Chancellor Dr. Raymundo Rovillos.

The Mandeko Kito was initially launched to help the greatly affected crafters from the economic backlash of the Covid-19 pandemic and Health Protocol restrictions.

Now on its 3rd year and 5th staging, Mandeko Kito takes a different flavor on how it is being done, normally on an open space of an academic institution.

The 5th edition of Mandeko Kito which is held at the University of Baguio Centennial hall takes a leap by re-creating an enclosed space and transforming it into a creative lounge where buyers could enjoy their purchase while enjoying other art forms.

Art Weave… A Tapestry of Life and the Arts

The arts, weaving, and crafts sector has its challenges in this modern world.

Traditional weaving specifically is a heritage that is part of an industry that is lacking in innovation in many ways.

Today, with the newfound interest of the younger generation in wanting to learn about heritage, by merging art forms, we can create and innovate new designs to keep the craft going. 

This is the value that the Art Weave Project would want to inculcate to everyone.

To embrace the value of the crafts that helps in preserving the rich cultural heritage of our people and defines us as a unique community.

To provide an avenue for learning more about ourselves, while at the same time providing new economic opportunities to our creatives and culture bearers assuring a better welfare for all.

It is with great pride and honor for the Baguio Arts and Crafts Collective, Incorporated, through the creative mind of Ms. Twinkle Ferraren – ART WEAVE CREATOR, to partner with the Telus International Grant Program and other private and public organizations for the very first merging of two different art styles to create something new and from there, sprout many more innovations and creations between the artists, the makers, the artisans and the creatives.

Binhi: A Contemporary Visual Art Power Showcase

The Binhi Visual Art Exhibition is a first for the Baguio Arts and Crafts Collective, Incorporated (BACCI), producing a physical visual art exhibition participated by 13 of both the up and coming and seasoned artists who are based in Baguio.

The said exhibit at the University of Baguio showcases three small sculptures and 17 paintings for the enjoyment of art enthusiasts and patrons.

article source: BACCI – Baguio Arts and Crafts Collective Inc.

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