May 2, 2022

University of Baguio Gears Up to Help through Blood Donation Drives

University of Baguio collaborates with the Philippine Red Cross in an effort to help Dugong UB keep going and expanding its reach through a mobile blood donation drive.
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The University of Baguio preps itself for future blood donation drives with a MOA with the Philippine Red Cross and the restart of Dugong UB by the ECOS team.

University of Baguio’s Partnership with Philippine Red Cross

University of Baguio’s School of Natural Sciences partners up with the Philippine Red Cross to help in the school’s mobile blood donation.

A MOA between UB and the PRC was signed on April 29, 2022 at the UB’s Management Conference Room.

Present during the MOA signing were the UB officials headed by Dr. Janice Kaylyn K. Lonogan, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Ms. Teresa Villanueva, Dean of School of Natural Sciences, and Ms. Melanie Rulla Saro, Director of Linkages Office. The Philippine Red Cross team was attended by Ms. Jennelyn M. Terre, Blood Donation Officer, Baguio Chapter, and Mr. Jericho Dave Sahagon, UB Alumnus.

What’s In the MOA?

Under the MOA, the PRC and UB’s SNS and Clinical Laboratory will be able to coordinate and schedule mobile blood donation drives, allowing people from different areas to donate without having to come to UB’s campus.

The PRC will also help with the Dugong UB program by helping in the screening process and providing supplies, materials, and equipment needed for the blood drive.

Both parties will also actively engage in an information campaign and promotions circling around encouraging blood donation, its advantages or benefits, and other information on it in order to gain more support and participation.

Furthermore, under the MOA, employees of the University of Baguio who might need blood during emergencies or medical purposes will get help from the PRC to make the process of acquiring blood a smoother experience. This of course comes with certain conditions and processes.

The Restart of Dugong UB

The university’s Extension and Community Outreach Services (ECOS) team and the School of Natural Sciences have collaborated to restart the Dugong UB program.

After two years of being placed on hiatus due to the pandemic back in 2020, the program has once again been revived through the collaborative efforts of the ECOS and SNS. The first blood drive, after the long hiatus, happened last February 24, 2022 and the second drive happening last April 27, 2022.

This program will become a regular event with the aim of having a blood drive at least every three months. With the PRC coming in to help out, Dugong UB is set to become a more consistent event for the university.

For those interested in donating in the future, whether through the Dugong UB event or through the mobile blood drive initiative, please check out UB’s Facebook page or website for announcements for future schedules.

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