March 22, 2024

UB Sends Off Students to Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

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The University of Baguio warmly congratulates the seventeen students from the School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management (SIHTM) who have been selected to participate in an international internship at Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong. This opportunity is a significant milestone in their academic journey, allowing them to gain firsthand industry experience in a professional setting.

The international internship is a direct result of the university’s academic mobility program. Through strong collaborative ties with industry partners, the university is able to provide world-class training to students through international internships and cultural exchange. This opportunity with Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong has been in the making since November of 2023, when the university formally established a Memorandum of Agreement that aimed to implement a six-month internship program for the students of the SIHTM program. 

The internship aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality industry while honing their practical skills in a real-world environment. Selected through a rigorous process, these students represent the passion and dedication that the SIHTM program seeks to nurture, showcasing their dedication to the pursuit of excellence.

The students were officially deployed on March 19 and underwent their general orientation on March 20, 2024. Alongside two faculty members and SIHTM Dean Ms. Jenelyn Magpatoc, the students have managed to take the first step toward building a brighter future for themselves within the hospitality industry.

As these seventeen students embark on this exciting journey, they carry with them the aspirations of a new generation of hospitality professionals. With determination and passion, they are set to make the most of this grand opportunity, laying the foundation for successful careers in the coming future.

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