March 22, 2024

UB Preps for Relaunch of Pearson Vue Testing Center

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In a dynamic world where knowledge is the key, the University of Baguio always ensures that its facilities and services are up to par with international standards. As a higher education institution dedicated to bringing the best opportunities to its students, it is always looking for ways to innovate and improve its equipment and resources to support the needs of a quickly evolving student body.

In light of this, the university is preparing to relaunch the Pearson Vue Testing Center, making a significant milestone in the university’s commitment to academic excellence and student success. With a renewed focus on accessibility and innovation, the Pearson Vue Testing Center is poised to redefine the way students approach examinations and assessments revolving around the English Language.

Central to the relaunch is a commitment to enhancing accessibility and convenience for students. The testing center supports PTE Academic, a computer-based English assessment being conducted on Pearson Vue’s online platform. The examination makes use of sophisticated artificial intelligence equipment to ensure highly accurate results that can be used for applying for overseas universities, migration, and even professional employment. 

The university is also looking to maximize its partnership with Pearson Vue to expand the coverage of the examinations. Beyond its English Language assessments, Pearson Vue also covers Cisco and Microsoft certification assessments, which can be ground-breaking for the School of Information Technology (SIT). In the coming months, the university hopes to take full advantage of the services being offered by Pearson Vue to expand the reach of its accessible assessments.

As the UB relaunches its testing center, the first in Northern Luzon for Pearson Vue, it remains committed to providing students with the tools and resources they need to succeed academically. The Pearson Vue Testing Center is poised to become an important aspect of education at the university, empowering students to excel in areas beyond their foundational studies to support them in their endeavors beyond the university’s four walls.

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