July 10, 2024

UB Hosts SBP Molten 3X3 Cordillera Regional Finals

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The Molten 3X3 Regional Finals for the Cordillera Region was held in Baguio City on June 29-40, in the University of Baguio Cardinals Gymnasium. A total of 39 teams, 20 boys and 19 girls competed in the regional under 16 competition. Some as far came from as far as Tabuk City, Kalinga, a 12-hour road travel to the venue for the Regional Finals. The Tabuk boys fell short from missed free throws in a triple overtime game in the Semis, the highlight match of the tournament. 

The girls team from Baguio City National High School bested the girls from Saint Louis Laboratory High School with only 3 players remaining to take the Championship.

In the Boys Division, the high school team from Cordillera Career Development College from Benguet Province took the crown in a 21-point end game over the boys team of Saint Louis, again falling short and getting runner-up honors in both the Boys and Girls Division. 

The high altitude and thin crisp air of the city might have played a role for most of the visiting teams from the different provinces in their run for the Championships. It was, however, a proof of the skilled tenacity of grassroots basketball and a chance to showcase the basketball talent of the youth in neighboring provinces.

On the downside, attendance at the Regional Finals was affected as Baguio City has retained its school schedule and is in summer break until August. Thus the attendance from Baguio schools was less for this tournament. It, however, still gave the chance for some of the visiting teams to showcase themselves and their basketball skills. Scouts from different schools were present to see what the city can offer for these boys and girls if they wish to pursue their education and a chance to play in the big tournaments in Baguio City in the future. There was definitely an abundance of talent and new faces in this year’s event.

The champions of the Girls Division will be the representatives of the Cordillera Region to the Palarong Pambansa. The boys will surely surprise many regional teams with their Cordillera style of play and cultural heritage. It’s something to look forward to in the upcoming National Finals.

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