March 2, 2023

UB Concludes its Mid-Year Assessment Report

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The University of Baguio recently concluded their mid-year assessment, wherein the Executive Committee, Deans, Directors, and Head of Office came together to identify gaps and revisit the University’s institutional development goals. The objective of this assessment was to evaluate the current status and accomplishments of the schools and offices and to set plans for the future.

During the assessment, the three councils represented by the Vice Presidents from Academic, Administration, and Finance presented the current status and accomplishments of their respective areas. The presentations provided insight into the progress made towards the University’s goals and highlighted areas that require more attention and improvement.

President Javier Herminio Bautista expressed his appreciation to the University’s employees for their hard work in attaining the University’s goals. He recognized their dedication and commitment to the University’s mission and emphasized the importance of working together as a team to continue achieving great success.

The mid-year assessment is an essential step in ensuring the University of Baguio’s continued growth and development. By identifying areas for improvement and revisiting their institutional development goals, the University can stay on track towards achieving their long-term objectives.

The year-end assessment is scheduled for June 2023, and the University is looking forward to continuing their progress towards becoming a premier educational institution in the Philippines.

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