March 22, 2024

UB Commences ISO 21001 Certification Campaign Through Kick-Off Activity

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As a premier institution for higher education, the University of Baguio is always looking for ways to ensure that its facilities and services are up to par with international standards. Whether it’s through industry partnerships or accreditation, the university always takes care to be one step ahead of the curve when it comes to ensuring that its students are receiving quality education at every step of their academic journey.

In the interest of maintaining the quality of its facilities and services, the university eagerly applies for accreditation with a number of reputable organizations from all over the world. This month, the university is gearing up for a certification campaign with the International Organization for Standardization, also known as the ISO. Through ISO 21001:18, the university is aiming for certification with the ISO in order to improve internal processes alongside educational products and services.

UB ISO Consultant Mr. Arnold David with members of the Top Management of the university.

Implementing ISO 21001, the international standard for educational organizations, requires careful planning and execution. With the kick-off activity conducted by the university’s energetic consultant, Mr. Arnold Z. David from March 14-16, 2024, the university was able to lay a solid foundation for successful ISO 21001 implementation to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned and committed to achieving compliance with the standard.

The kick-off activity saw participation from the Executive Committee, Management Working Committee, and Internal Auditors. Followed by a meeting with the Basic Education and Higher Education Administrators and Secretaries as well as Laboratory Custodians. The following two days were set for one-on-one meetings with the different offices of the university. 

The kick-off activity started with an Introduction to ISO 21001, where Mr. David gave an overview session to introduce ISO 21001 to key stakeholders. This session covered the purpose of the standard, its benefits, and its relevance to the organization’s goals and objectives.

Following the Formation of ISO 21001 Implementation Team, an Educational Organization Management Representative (EOMR) from the EXECOM was identified and the working committee was established for a cross-functional team responsible for implementing ISO 21001.

Afterwards, the Document Management System paved the way for Mr. Arnold to highlight the relevance of establishing a document management system to control the creation, review, approval, and distribution of documents related to ISO 21001 implementation. This system aims to ensure that all relevant documents are easily accessible and up-to-date.

Moreover, the kick-off activity officially launched the ISO 21001 implementation process and provided an opportunity to reaffirm commitment to the project, clarify roles and responsibilities, and outline the implementation timeline and milestones.

Written by Marjorie Laroya

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