June 8, 2024

Trailblazing Innovation: University of Baguio Garners Top Ranks in WURI 2024

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As a premier higher education institution in the Philippines, the University of Baguio (UB) is always innovating and improving its systems and services. Upholding international standards by applying to world rankings ensures that the university is able to keep up with a rapidly-evolving world. In this way, UB is able to maintain its quality of education and address the needs of students from all over the world.

The World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI) 2024 recognized the University of Baguio for its advancements in the fields of Student Support and Engagement, Leadership, and Funding. 

Student Support and Engagement

The Student Support and Engagement category focuses on the university’s ability to support its students, ensuring that they have a stable academic journey leading to career success after they graduate. It also looks into the way the university handles student welfare, diversity, inclusion, and participation. UB ranked first out of one hundred other universities both in the worldwide ranking and in the overall ranking in the Philippines, highlighting the university’s commitment to nurturing an academic community that supports students from all walks of life. 


The Leadership sub-category falls under Innovation, focusing on the adaptability and ability of the university’s leaders to innovate and keep up with the constantly changing landscape of higher education. Through a strong foundational management team that is constantly looking for new ways to optimize and improve its internal systems and processes, the university was able to showcase its strong roots. The university also takes care to instill leadership within its students, ensuring that the educational system supports them from elementary school all the way up to the collegiate level. This focus on nurturing and developing strong fundamental roots in both its student body and its management team earned the university the third overall ranking in the worldwide ranking and second in the overall ranking in the Philippines. A milestone achievement that recognizes the leadership team and its role in building the university up as an esteemed higher education institution.


Also underneath the category of Innovation, Funding explores the ways in which the university is able to raise funds to support its educational, research, and community engagement programs. Through its ability to channel monetary resources through a wide array of methods, the university ranked sixth overall in the worldwide rankings and third in the overall ranking in the Philippines.

These distinctions landed UB in the Global Top 300 Innovative Universities, landing it firmly in the 159th rank in the worldwide ranking, cementing its position in the top 101-200 Most Innovative Universities worldwide. It also ranked 17th in the overall ranking in the Philippines. 

These accolades recognize the university’s efforts in building an inclusive and leading-edge educational community that can support students both locally and internationally. As the university continues to shape the futures of thousands of students each year, it aims to continue being a beacon of excellence both locally and globally.

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