Operation “Kap-kap”

The UB Security office is authorized to conduct checks on individuals should there be a need or reason to.

“Operation Kapkap” is conducted on the spot by a team of security personnel upon receipt of information from a concerned University personnel or department in the event of lost or missing personal items (e.g., cellphone, laptop, wallet and other valuable items)

The “Operation Kap-kap” is terminated on the same date and time and proper disposition by the team leader on the result of the operation to the Chief Security Officer.

Need Our Help? Follow these steps

  1. Prepare a written request addressed to the Chief Security Officer, Sir Jayton M. Anaen (OIC – Security Office), and approved by the Dean/Principal.
  2. Your request will be recorded at the security logbook, for immediate operations, a form will be given to be filled out by the classroom teacher.
  3. Seek for the approval of the Dean/Principal or at least one faculty member, preferably a classroom teacher/adviser.
  4. The immediate superior will be immediately notified for the approved scheduled “operation kap-kap”.
  5. The operation will then be conducted with the presence of the teacher/adviser, prefect of discipline, and the principal/dean.

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