December 5, 2023

International Virtual Accountancy and Business Administration Freshmen Conference Successfully Held in Celebration of UB’s Freshmen Day

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This school year 2023-2024, the School of Business Administration and Accountancy (SBAA) celebrated early the University of Baguio’s Freshmen Day, with a timely activity spearheaded by the School’s Student Administrative Council (SBAA-SAC) adviser, Mr. John V. Balanquit, and SAC governor, Mr. Mark Esteves. The School’s main event for its first-year students this year was the International Virtual Freshmen Conference held last October 7, 2023 through Zoom. The event was successful with the participation of 225 SBAA Freshmen students.

Virtual SBAA Freshmen Conference – Photo opportunity with speakers and participants. Photo Credit: Mr. John V. Balanquit

Led by Mr. Balanquit, the main event was able to inspire the Freshmen students through the testimonials of the various SBAA alumni: Ms. Raheemat Oladeji from Nigeria and Ms. Kali Yantrel Martin, both successful graduates of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Human Resource Development Management, as well as Mr. Ian Mher Ignacio and Ms. Claudine Nicole Valenzuela, both accomplished Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Meanwhile, the President of the University’s International Students Association, Ms. Nuri Park from South Korea shared her encounters as an international student in SBAA. The Freshmen students also gained more knowledge with the discussions of SBAA alumni-turned-instructors Atty. Edward Danielle Cruz on student ethics and Mr. Franklin Jan Wayang on personal finance, respectively.

It is worthwhile noting that the SBAA also participated in University-wide Freshmen Activities as the Office of Student Affairs (UB OSA) organized the highly anticipated Freshmen Day with the theme, “Biyaheng Ubiano 2023: Red and White through the Eras” held last October 2 to 4, 2023 and concluded last October 18, 2023. Spearheaded by the SBAA-SAC, in partnership with the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA), the Junior Executive Circle (JEC), the Junior Finance Executive Society (JFINEX), the Golden Z Club, the Junior Association of Marketing Executives (JAME), and the School’s Dance Troupe, SBAA enthusiastically participated in two out of three competitions. 

SBAA receiving recognition for actively participating in the competitions, led by SBAA SAC Governor Mark Esteves, along with other SBAA SAC officers. Photo Credit: UB-SIT

The first competition SBAA partook in was the ‘Fresheeesh Tour: the Organizational Booth Fair’. Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed drama series “Euphoria”, the School’s booth became a center of excitement that offered interactive games, tarot readings, and exciting prizes. The second competition the school engaged in was the ‘Icons of the Eras’, where SBAA’s third-year Marketing Management students, Ms. Ely Lozano and Mr. Jeshuah Leigh Juan, took on the roles of Beyonce and Bruno Mars, respectively. Their astounding performances entertained both the crowd and the judges, leading to Ms. Lozano earning the first-place spot and being named the first-ever Icon of the Era, while Mr. Juan finished the competition in third place. 

Through SBAA’s active participation in the Freshmen Day activities, the University’s Vision, Mission, and Objectives, along with three Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were achieved. First, SDG 4 (Quality Education) and the Vision of having a fun learning environment were realized by offering students the opportunity to learn and enjoy through various engaging activities and projects which is inclusive, not only of the freshmen students learning face-to-face, but also those having virtual classes. Also, the School’s activities and invitation of the alumni who are also professionals of different backgrounds aligned with SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities) and the Mission to train empowered professionals, by promoting cultural diversity and acceptance, and through the alumni’s inspiring testimonies. 

Lastly, SBAA-SAC’s collaboration with the other organizations within the SBAA community during the Freshmen Day activities exemplified their commitment to achieving UB’s objective of manifesting relevant social skills by emphasizing the importance of collaboration in attaining long-term development goals. The event also brought students from all disciplines together, establishing a sense of togetherness and cooperation. 

Written by Louise Langsa S. Bangsael and Aileen Joy L. Basug

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