August 24, 2023

Embracing the Now Normal: UB’s Buong Husay 2023 Advocates Innovation and Global Mindsets

Embracing change and fostering innovation: UB’s Buong Husay 2023 sets the stage for a year of growth and adaptability. 💡🌍 #UBChampionsofInnovation #BuongHusay2023
The University of Baguio's Center for Counseling and Development (CCSD) recently hosted a transformative event titled "Buong Husay 2023: Continuing Advocacy - Championing the Now Normal as Innovative and Global UBians." This virtual gathering, held on August 19, 2023, via the Zoom video conferencing platform and Facebook Live, proved to be an inspiring prelude to the upcoming academic year. Driven by the mission to welcome and prepare the diverse UBian community for the now normal, the event aimed to foster fresh perspectives, resilient mindsets, and a proactive approach to the evolving educational landscape.
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The University of Baguio’s commitment to fostering holistic growth and development among its students was beautifully showcased in the recent event organized by the Center for Counseling and Development (CCSD). Under the theme “Buong Husay 2023: Continuing Advocacy – Championing the Now Normal as Innovative and Global UBians,” the event not only welcomed the UBian community back to school but also provided them with the tools and mindset needed to excel in the current educational landscape.

The event, held on August 19, 2023, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am, embraced a hybrid format, utilizing the Zoom video conferencing platform and Facebook Live to accommodate the diverse UBian population. This innovative approach allowed participants to engage seamlessly, regardless of their physical location.

The heart of the event was the main plenary session featuring the esteemed Dr. Irene Alcantara as the keynote speaker. Dr. Alcantara’s insights resonated deeply with the audience as she eloquently emphasized the importance of adaptability, resilience, and global thinking in the context of the “now normal.” Her address was a rallying call for UBians to not only navigate the challenges presented by the current situation but to thrive and excel amidst them.

Following the main session, participants were divided into breakout rooms, each catering to specific groups within the UBian community. These breakout sessions were meticulously designed to address the unique needs and aspirations of UB academic scholars, other scholars under CHED, performing artists, athletes, students under the CCSD follow-up program, and students with additional rights. This tailored approach ensured that every participant could engage deeply with topics relevant to their academic journey and personal growth.

At the core of the event’s objectives was the cultivation of a fresh perspective and a proactive mindset. By equipping UBians with the tools to champion innovation and embrace their roles as global citizens, the CCSD reaffirmed the University of Baguio’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who can thrive in a rapidly changing world.

As the event drew to a close, the sense of unity and shared purpose was palpable. The participants left the virtual gathering with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with insights, connections, and a strengthened resolve to face the challenges of the coming academic year with resilience and determination.

The University of Baguio’s Buong Husay 2023 event stands as a shining testament to the institution’s dedication to holistic education and growth. Through its innovative approach, inspiring speakers, and tailored breakout sessions, the event empowered UBians to champion the now normal with innovation and a global perspective. As the academic year unfolds, the spirit of Buong Husay 2023 will undoubtedly continue to guide and inspire the UBian community to reach new heights of excellence.

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