CCTV Footage Requests

The UB security office are authorized to release CCTV footage should there be a need for it.

The University of Baguio is fitted with CCTV’s all around the campus to keep track of
what is happening around the school premises where they are installed.

By monitoring the activity of the University’s employees, students, clients and visitors ensures the observance of peace and order within its premises.

CCTV Footage Request Procedure

  1. Report personally the type of incident to the security office (theft, missing items, lost and found, bullying, emergency cases etc.).
  2. Fill up the CCTV incident form for records.
  3. Get interviewed by the security office to get more details on the information and for the incident to be placed on record.
  4. Record all the details on the logbook by filling up the 5 W’s and 1 H as guide.
  5. Review the requested CCTV Footage.
  6. For incident that need proper investigation, the CCTV footage will be saved in a hard drive, such as personal computer, Digital video recorder (DVR) or a network video recorder (NVR) to be served as one evidence.

For Emergency Cases


Local number: 234

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