Academic Mobility

Any UBian student can have a chance to go abroad as a part of their learning. UB has partnered with many organizations abroad to make this possible.

The Linkages office offers UBians the opportunity to study abroad through cultural immersions, clinical laboratory training, or International OJTs. Any interested UBian can check their respective schools if there are any academic mobility programs available.

Interested? Follow the steps below when applying

  1. Acquire an application form at the Linkages office. (located just below the gym, right after the main gate)
  2. Fill in the form and have your school dean endorse your form.
    • Note: an endorsement from your dean does not guarantee acceptance for academic mobility
  3. Submit the endorsed form along with your updated resume to the international affairs staff at the Linkages office or send them via email to:
    • Important: when sending an email use the subject: FirstName LastName Application – Academic Mobility
  4. Wait for an email from the Linkages office or the international affairs staff
    • Note: You can be accepted or denied for the program depending on your school record
    • Those who were denied can try applying again
  5. When you receive an acceptance email, proceed to the Linkages office to get your medical checklist, parent’s consent form, and affidavit of undertaking.
  6. Take your medical exams
  7. Have your parent’s consent form and affidavit of undertaking signed
  8. Submit your files at the Linkages office and wait for the date of your departure orientation.

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