Master in Business Administration (MBA)

University of Baguio Seal

Graduates of the Master in Business Administration Program are expected to have attained the following within 3 to 5 years after graduation:

  1. Demonstrated advanced knowledge and skills in a specialized, interdisciplinary, or multidisciplinary field of study for professional practice and supervisory and administrative jobs.
  2. Displayed at all times superior supervisory and managerial skills in corporate and non – corporate projects that contributed to economic returns for the company and the country.
  3. Demonstrated ethical management practices in the workplace and adhered to legal rules and regulations governing local and global business settings.
  4. Conducted business researches to improve business operational efficiency and quality of goods or services.
  5. Organized and implemented community based and workplace projects for the promotion of sustainable environmental and economic development.
  6. Continuously upgraded self through graduate studies and/or certifications in business and management.
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