Doctor in Business Administration (DBA)

University of Baguio Seal

Graduates of the Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) Program are expected to have attained the following within 3 to 5 years after graduation:

  1. Demonstrated advanced systematic knowledge and skills in highly specialized/or complex interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary field of learning to solve crisis and create opportunities to grow and lead in the corporate world.
  2. Displayed strategic and innovative business concepts, or programs that contributed to the attainment of the goals for the company toward economic and social order.
  3. Contributed to the creation of ethical laws, regulations or codes that govern business transactions locally, nationally, and globally.
  4. Conducted business researches and contributed to the existing practical business management practices.
  5. Designed, organized and implemented community and social projects that uplifted the lives of the recipients, and promoted sustainable economic as well as environmental preservation and protection.
  6. Undertaken continuous learning and upgrading of one’s capability.
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