Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

University of Baguio Seal

In 3 to 5 years after graduation, graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology are expected to:

  • be prime designers and implementers of quality computing solutions for real world problems and carry out basic and applied research leading to new innovations in Information Technology (IT) and related interdisciplinary areas;
  • be leaders and managers in the field of Information Technology by demonstrating exemplary performance thus progress to accomplish managerial, leading, and influential roles in the chosen organization while upholding high standards of professional conduct that is right and just;
  • demonstrate life-long learning through professional development, practical training, and specialized certifications;
  • communicate effectively with the computing community and with society at large about complex computing activities through logical writing, presentations, and clear instructions; 5. be active members in professional societies and organizations as well as community-based organizations with the purpose of being advocates and transformers of the industry towards sustainable programs on innovation.
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