School of Teacher Education



The UB School of Teacher Education (STE) employs diversified teaching methods that integrate extensive instruction with thorough practice. Students at STE acquire significant experiences that enable them to deliver with intellect and sharp perception after graduation.



Board Examination Performance (Licensure Examination for Teachers – Elementary)

·   100% passing rate (fresh graduates) – April 2009, March 2012, March 2013




National Level

·   Jenny Cuyahon: 4th place

·   Sheena Merino: 7th place

·   Von Ryan Pangwi: 10th place

·   Jessa Aiza Bano: 10th place


Regional Level

·   Violeta Fag-ayan: 3rd place

·   Erlina De Peralta: 4th place

·   Aida Valesca: 6th place

·   Martin Napeek: 8th place

·   Erolene Agnapan: 10th place

·   Jessy Lopez: 10th place

·   Patrick Pooten: 13th place





 Prospective enrollees can choose from the following wide array of programs:



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