School of Dentistry

The UB School of Dentistry develops students through a focused curriculum that encompasses comprehensive research and practice. Students are trained with the use of a model that emphasizes intensive experiences in clinical simulations and laboratory techniques required to develop the skills needed for competent patient care.


Board Examination Performance (Licensure Examination for Dentists)
• No. 1, May 2009 (nationwide)
• No. 1, December 2008 (nationwide)
• 100% passing rate (fresh graduates) – June 2012, December 2011, June 2011, December 2010, December 2009, June 2009, December 2008


Some of the countless topnotchers the School of Dentistry has produced include:

• Dr. Maryam T. Paiest: 9th place
• Dr. Jefalyn Mae Garcia: 2nd place
• Dr. Laura Lacaden: 2nd place
• Dr. April Sherry Mae Guillermo: 3rd place
• Dr. Grace Calixtro: 5th place
• Dr. Margaret Fevelyn Hora: 5th place
• Dr. Clarence Hill: 6th place
• Dr. Eleonor Fernandez: 6th place
• Dr. Jalene Alip: 6th place
• Dr. Ruthgar Tecson: 7th place
• Dr. Erwin Esaguirre: 8th place
• Dr. Louella Lomboy: 9th place



Prospective students can choose from the following programs: