Engr. Rod is an alumnus of UB. He took his engineering degree in the University. He was a working student and is now based in Canada.


“I worked as a cook while doing my [college] studies. You learn a lot when you’re in a situation like that. You learn how to deal with different people. You learn how to respect people. You learn that if you don’t ask a question, you don’t get an answer.” 


“I have 11 siblings. Not one of them finished college. So yes, I’m the first in the family to get an education.” 


What one big lesson have you learned from being a working student?

“No one can help you but yourself. And you only live once – you might as well enjoy every minute of life. Guess we’re talking here about clichés and classics. ” 


What’s your take on cooking?

“It’s an art.” 


What do you do when life takes its toll?

“Be cool with it. I mean, come on, there’s no other way to deal with it better than to be just cool with it – to  understand that life isn’t all roses.” 


When was your lowest point in life?

“When my son died. He was a special child. It’s interesting because the date of his death is the date of my youngest daughter’s birth. I guess God makes sure life doesn’t take everything away from you.” 


What’s the biggest lesson life has taught you?

“I’ll give you another cliché – no man is an island. Talk to people. Consult with them. And – it’s been said over and over again – don’t focus on the dark stuff. Because it’s scary.”




 Interview & Text by RONA LIN











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