Halloween Torch Parade
2 student research projects to compete in DOST contest
UB involves parents in mental health campaign
UB wins major awards in reg’l accounting tilt
University Intramurals kick off
STE, SBAA win Mr., Ms. UB 2017
Jiggy Manicad, GMA News Anchor
GMA’s Jiggy Manicad delivers lecture in UB
2nd Senior Hi-dol held
Of Stereotypes and Acceptance
Grand Alumni Homecoming and General Assembly
Jeong Daeun
Lectures on Cordilleran IKSP held
Swimming Lessons 2017
Japan-based UB alum graces commencement rites; talks about ‘being your own inspiration,’ being an OFW, and helping people
UB's New Certified Public Accountants
Enrollment Procedure for Science High School
Culinary Short Courses
We Die A Hundredfold To Live
UB holds lectures on indigenous peace-keeping approaches, healing practices
UB stude wins as first runner-up in nat’l tax quiz
Rhyza Gayle Litaoen, Miss Benguet 2016
A day in the life of an on-the-job trainee
Senior High School Enrollment Procedure SY 2017 - 2018
Reverberating Happiness
The Human Face: A Cinematic Masterpiece
UB intensifies depression awareness campaign
UB wins major awards in accounting confab
SLAHS dominates 8th Music, Dance Festival
UB celebrates Founder’s Day; stages Luzon Culture & Arts Festival
6th ‘MasterChef’ event held
UB studes win major spots in nat’l business tilt
UB stude finishes as finalist in nat’l search
UB secures major wins in allied health sciences competitions
UB Graces Dance Troupe dominates hiphop competition; perform in Panagbenga event
Dream of Dreams
Oddities of the Camera
Senior High School Intramurals kick off
UB hosts nat’l tourism skills olympics, convention
Erna & Jigz
Mang Odet
May 2016 Yearbook Now Available
UB's Newest Dentists
Pia Gutierrez, ABS-CBN Reporter
December 2016 Commencement: Pia Gutierrez on fear and faith, hanging out with people who aren’t your age, and why we should talk about kindness
Individuality in the workplace
UB stude wins as 1st runner-up in tourism quiz challenge
UB is champion in inter-school accounting quiz
Dressing Up the Petite Frame
BBEAL Season 30 Update: UB wins championship in women’s basketball
First UB Halloween Torch Parade held
United Nations Day at UB: A Showcase of Cultural Diversity
UB faculty awarded Outstanding PERAA Member
UB prexy heads PACU
The Iconic Blue Jeans
BBEAL Season 30 (Week 1) Update: UB wins over UP, PMA, BSU, PCC in basketball
UB intramurals kick off
UB's Newest Certified Public Accountants
UB studes amass major awards in reg’l accounting confab
Int’l OJT: San Antonio, Texas
UB conducts hospitality outreach program
Citizen Journalism and the Basics of Good Reporting
Breach That Fourth Wall
Suddenly, The World Became Smaller
Indulging in Social Media
UB participants win major spots in Pintig at Pantig Literary Awards
UB stude finishes second in 10-kilometer swimming event
ASEAN Tourism Youth Summit 2016: A UBian’s Reflection
UB’s international on-the-job training program: Maryland, U.S.A.
Philippine Red Cross Membership
UB dominates BBEAL Awards 2016; rules 29th Season
UB welcomes Senior High students
University of Baguio at 68: Overcoming Challenges, Embracing Change, Sustaining Excellence
UB’s Hongitan participates in World Cup, Olympic qualifying tournament
UB secures major spot in nat’l eng’g contest
Congratulations to UB's New Certified Public Accountants!
UB stude finishes as champion in nat’l accounting quiz
US-based Filipino tech maven graces UB baccalaureate rites
Enrollment Procedure for Senior High School SY 2016-2017
Congratulations to University of Baguio's New Dentists!
Congratulations to University of Baguio's New Sanitary Engineers!
May 2016 Yearbook Now Available
Certified Public Accountants - Board Topnotchers
Congratulations to UB's New Certified Public Accountants!


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